This seems like an appropriate picture to start off my new blog.  See I started a blog years ago that captured my love of food and photography while giving me the chance to write (one of my first loves), back when I had time to experiment in the kitchen and had hours of free time.  The blogging quickly fell by the wayside with the demands of being a wife, becoming a mother, my full-time career, and my side-businesses.  I felt like if I couldn’t blog daily or blog about food, then what was the point in blogging at all.  I kept wanting to get back to it and tried unsuccessfully a few times before throwing in the towel altogether.

Now that a few years have passed and the demands on my time have lessened, my baby is now 3.5 and asserting some independence, the full-time career is no longer requiring as much overtime, and the future of the side-businesses are in question, I feel a renewed sense to get back to my roots in writing.  I have a love of many things: family, food, travel, art, photography, music, crafts, diy, finance, metalsmithing/handmade jewelry, poetry, reading, gardening, baking, the simple life, and more than a few stories in these fingers, so what better way to tackle them all than by dishing up a bit of my life.

I hope you will join me in my journey.


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